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Fakes Forgeries Experts Journal #18

Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal #18.

FFE#18 Release at EUROPHILEX 2015 London
on 14 May 2015


Dear FFE readers and prospect readers

Thanks to devoted and passionate authors, ’Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal” (FFE) is back with its 18th edition. In this #18 we present an extensive variety of philatelic knowledge covered in 19 articles by 17 different authors, six of them occur with their first appearance in ’FFE’. We are very happy that the release coincides with ’EUROPHILEX 2015’ in London. Thanks to the ’Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques’ (AIJP) we are invited to  conduct the presentation at the AIJP-meeting. 

From the very start, ’FFE’ addresses all philatelists, advanced collectors, exhibitors, experts, dealers, auction houses and philatelic organisations [Paolo Vollmeier, ”A word from the publisher”, FFE #1, 1998]. The "simple" and over the years consistent purpose with ’FFE’ is to inform collectors and exhibitors about fakes and forged items. ’FFE’ also wants to explain how philatelic experts work in their countries. Informing the collectors mean protecting them from fakes and forgeries. As editor, I have the responsibility to make sure that we publish articles dealing with matters meeting the aims with ’FFE’. 

The headline article in this issue is Abed H. Najjar’s ”The World’s Most Forensically Tested Philatelic Gem: The Iconic Victor Hugo Plate 77 Cover”, which proves how  technology has been essential for the forensic statements given. Given the insight on technologies, Jean-François Brun’s article dealing with ”Reference Marks - The Use of Reference Marks for the Identification and Authentication of Postage Stamps”, presents the fact that expertising is a balance act between "technology" and "perceptible marks" during the identification process. Over the last years, the interest for philatelic history and  provenance on philatelic items has grown very fast. We are more and more who build philatelic libraries and look out for the gems in the field of philatelic literature. Thanks to Wolfgang Maassen we publish a very comprehensive work (48 pages) on "Forgeries and Falsifications of Philatelic Literature - A First Look Back”.

I want to thank all authors for their great works - it’s a pleasure to work with all of you. Thanks also to our advertisers Heinrich Köhler, Corinphila, David Feldman and U.P.U., who together with Postiljonen as publisher year after year carry on the tradition of excellence with ’FFE’.

Jonas Hällström


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