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Fakes Forgeries Experts Journal #18

Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal #18.

FFE#18 Release at EUROPHILEX 2015 London
on 14 May 2015


New Editor for the FFE Journal!

Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal (FFE), since 1998 appreciated tool for the fight against and to inform about forgeries, is entering an exciting chapter with a new editor.

Vincent Schouberechts will take on the challenge of developing FFE into new accomplishments and he is already in progress with the work of the issue #19.

Mr. Schouberechts is a very active collector, especially of philatelic literature and he was one of the organizers of the Literature Exhibition at MonacoPhil 2013. He is also a member of AEP, FRPSL, AIJP and Belgian Academy administrator.

The first issue of FFE was published by Paolo Vollmeier in 1998 and since then over four hundred articles have been written by more than 200 authors. Paolo Vollmeier was succeeded by the Honorary FIP President Knud Mohr, who edited 10 issues and later on by Jonas Hällström. The Journal is one of the most important publications concerning knowledge of fakes and forgeries in the philatelic world. The volumes contain a broad spectrum of articles covering a wide field of philatelic mischief, but also expert insight on interesting and relevant subjects. It has almost become a necessity in the education of jurors.

FFE is, since the start, published in close cooperation with A.I.E.P. who is sending the Journal to all their members.

We look with excitement forward to this new collaboration.

Welcome on board Vincent! 


In case you have an idea for an article or any questions about the journal please contact the editor directly at:

Vincent Schouberechts
Kardinaal Sterckxlaan 53

Email : Victoria2000@telenet.be
Phone : +32/474.84.84.39


Vincent Schouberechts
Kardinaal Sterckxlaan 53
BE-1860  Meise

Phone : +32/474.84.84.39
E-mail: Victoria2000@telenet.be


stergade 1, 2 sal
DK-1100 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 33 91 52 00
Fax: +46 (0) 40 25 88 59
E-mail: salesdep@ffejournal.com


Buddingevej 80
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Phone: +45 61 42 41 42
E-mail: result@result.dk

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