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Fakes Forgeries Experts Journal #17

Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal #17.

FFE#17 released at Malmö 3rd International Philatelic Summit
on 26 April 2014

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14/11-14: FFE

Do you know how educational the Fakes, Forgeries and Experts Journal (FFE) is?

- If yes, meet us at NORDIA 2014, 21-23 November in Lillestrom and give us your feedback or inputs on how FFE can improve its content and/or performance.
- If not, meet us in Lillestrom and explore the latest issue FFE #17, which you will find is full of knowledge and science from 22 different authors who contribute with 22 articles. Of these authors 13 are published with their first appearance in FFE.  

From the very start FFE addresses all philatelists, advanced collectors, exhibitors, experts, dealers, auction houses and philatelic organisations. Through the years and still today, FFE has the same purpose and addresses the same audience of writers and readers. The ”simple” and over the years consistent purpose with FFE is to inform collectors and exhibitors about fakes and forged items. FFE also wants to explain how philatelic experts work in their countries. Informing the collectors mean protecting them from fakes and forgeries.

Continuously we are seeking topics for new articles and connecting with new authors for upcoming releases. Currently we are very much interested in documentation relating to philatelic and postal material from all over the world which is restored, repaired or in any other way changed from it’s condition in order to improve its appearance for "the market”.

You will be able to meet with the FFE team in Postiljonens stand at NORDIA 2014 where you also can purchase back issues of FFE for ”exhibition prices”. If you want to meet with me as editor personally I will be available over the whole exhibition, in the stand or around. We can set up a meeting beforehand, either via e-mail or telephone, or connect with me via the stand during the exhibition.


Jonas Hallstrom


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