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Fakes Forgeries Experts Journal #17

Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal #17.

FFE#17 released at Malmö 3rd International Philatelic Summit
on 26 April 2014

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FFE #17 Content and Editorial Message


I welcome you as reader of FFE #17 which is full of knowledge and science from 22 different authors who contribute with 22 articles. 13 of the authors are published with their first appearance in FFE.

The first important field to cover with FFE

When I introduced myself taking over from Knud Mohr as editor, I wrote about my perceptions on "damaged philatelic material" and "the problem we see with restoration of philatelic material". I promised to focus with full attention on this problem. Money is the driving force behind restoration of philatelic items.

The second important field to cover with FFE: Easy-accessable technology and tools for philatelists

In the past collectors very often needed philatelic experts to assist in order to detect philatelic material restored or forged. The technology revolution has really changed this and today we can very often practice and build knowledge "independently" from experts. Reading FFE is one way of building knowledge. Practices can be achieved by using technical equipment and tools which are easy-accessable (and relatively not expensive) today.

"It will never end" ...

... Knud Mohr, being the Honorary Editor of FFE, writes in his initial foreword to FFE #17. Having Knud aside me in his new role for FFE will ensure the continuation of FFE's important work. Knud refers to the fact that even modern stamps from the 21st century are being forged and the philatelic community is lucky having experts following this field as well.

Jonas Hallstrom Editor



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